Let’s visit Bombay Beach, on the Eastern shore of the Salton Sea. Notice the moon in the daytime?
Swing and mailbox in the Sea (for now…).
Sea shore at Bombay Beach.
Looking back from the shore… in 2016 the water was by the raised area, lots of evaporation :(
Photoshoot on the beach.
Sit a while?
Billboard as you enter town, glory days!
Come visit the drive in movies…
The Lodestar, first time I’d seen this one…
Bombay Beach — now conveniently on the Metro system!
Big concrete(?) star on the beach.
Hotdogs and Aeropress coffee, Mecca Beach.
Salton Sea Shore, Mecca Beach.
Mecca Beach, it’s not sand it’s fish bone…
200,000 mile milestone for the 2003 Honda Element.

Software Professional, builder of things with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

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